Requirements include:

  • Posting every day, or every other day, to the assigned social account.
  • Being creative while posting in order to maintain strong aesthetic.
  • Interacting with our followers politely and professionally.
  • Socialising with whole team.
  • Contributing to our Pinterest board.

You don’t need to have prior experience in your role, therefore, we expect to see strong examples in your application. We are looking for a set amount of people for our social media team at this time, thus is a competitive role. Lastly, please only apply if you are dedicated and committed to the role as this is a fixed position.

If you’d like to apply, please fill in the form below. Once submitted, our Editor will be in contact shortly.

*Note: We ask for age as we are naturally curious to see how varied our team is! By asking for personal gender pronouns, we aim to be able to address all team members correctly and politely. If you’d prefer not to disclose your age or pronouns, you’re within your rights to do so! The information is only used for the stated reasons and is only shared with the Editor-in-Chief and Wildabout CEO. Additionally age/gender pronouns will never be considered in the application process.