Launching in 2018, a series of insightful, personal zine interviews that seek to uncover more about the creators behind your favourite games.

"Currently, Birdlessly hosts short films, short stories, poetry and prose, art, photography and a range of essays and articles - but we're missing an art form! As an undergrad game artist, and magazine editor, I feel compelled to discuss games here and share my passion for this industry.

I'm not a fan of how other online outlets cover games and I'd like to take a more attentive, exploratory approach to games coverage.

My first idea is to bring the zines back! I want to make a range of zine interviews with game creators from indie to AAA with the goal of learning more about them.

Let's move past the basic questions we ask every game dev, artist and director during a press release/event, and actually learn more about their journey, passion, opinions, routines and gather advice. That's what I would like."

Erin Louise, Editor-in-chief of Birdlessly Magazine

Our pilot zine with thatgamecompany's Jennie Kong, makers of commended title, Journey and anticipated release, Sky, will be released 01/01/18.