2014: Founded as a diary.

2015: Experiemented with zines.

2016: Partnered with the Wildabout Media Collective.

2017: Launched as a magazine and overcame a challenging year.

2018. Relaunched & redesigned thanks to a stronger team.

About us:

Birdlessly Magazine is lead by a team of cross-cultural creators who are encouraged to produce individualistic content.

We focus on balancing, arguing and understanding both viewpoints when producing for gen Y & Z online.

Our primary objective is to create imaginative work for the unruly, digital artists and nerds - the multifaceted creators who fill our target market within the early teens to mid-30s bracket.

Furthermore we love exploring typical & taboo topics, together.

We're confident exploring racial tension, politics and sexuality alongside YouTube culture, gave dev interviews and fashion inspo because we understand that the modern young adult cannot be limited to one interest, opinion and thought.

Birdlessly is the accomplished, yet chill, knowledgeable plus passionate young creator and friend you need in your circle.

We pride ourselves in:




To be able to consistently produce individualistic and imaginative content for our readers.

To be able to nurture a motivated, racially diverse team which supports our cross-cultural aesthetic.

To be able to create high quality content that fairly balances biased/non-biased opinions.

Our content is experimental. Making mistakes, gathering feedback and nurturing an open environment for our team is an essential part of our culture. We operate with a small, dedicated team and encourage creators to jump categories, to produce what they want to produce, to create what they want to create.

By visiting and reading Birdlessly Magazine, you are joining a group of creators who aim to always do more and to never settle for less. We hope to pass along that passion and drive to our readers with every post we share.

We are now a member of the Wildabout Collective.

In April 2016, our latest venture was joining the Wildabout Media Collective which includes our triad of magazines; Wildabout, Birdlessly and Conker. We hope to provoke thoughtful and interesting conversations on modern youth culture within the wider socio-cultural and political context.