Editor’s Disclaimer: Birdlessly Magazine does not advise replacing prescribed medication for these crystal remedies. Each individual experience with crystal healing is personal and works differently based upon the user’s belief in the crystal.

In the past, a lot of us seemed to over look the natural healing methods the earth has to offer. The pharmaceutical companies make big bucks at the expense of animal welfare and nature’s resources. As the saying goes, “A apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Allegedly, pain killers were proven to have damaging effects overtime, so it’s no wonder why more and more people are turning to natural remedies. Crystals are not only for the spiritual folk and there are many healing benefits not only for the physical body but the human psyche as well. The best thing about them is that they are very low maintenance and the easiest way to use them is just simply hold them, have them in close proximity or use during meditation.

Here are ten common crystals and their uses!

1. Amethyst

If you suffer from frequent headaches and nightmares, Amethyst is the crystal you might want to consider using. It is a very powerful healing stone and comes in array of beautiful shades of purple. It is one of my favourite crystals and I won’t leave the house or sleep without it. It is a very calming stone, so it may soothe anxiety as well.

2. Opal

If you suffer from water retention or you think your hair, skin and nails could benefit with a bit of extra help, Opal is a very good stone to use. Fire and white opal can also help conjure up creativity and inspiration, making it a great assistant to any creative project as well as, it is an absolutely stunning crystal to look at.

3. Moonstone

This is a great crystals for people with periods. Our menstrual cycle matches up with the moon so what better way to enhance the connection with mother moon by having a mini version to carry around with you everywhere you go. It works with your cycle to balance hormones easing discomfort and is wonderful during pregnancy for it’s maternal soothing energy. It can magnify your emotions so you should use it less frequently if you are not ready for this type of healing.

4. Clear Quartz

Another powerful crystal, it the most common crystal in the world. Quartz has the ability to store, focus, amplify and transform energy, it is present in a wide range of technology including, ultrasound equipment, microphones and watches just to name a few. So this basically means that you can program clear quartz to do anything. This makes it a very good crystal to use on a everyday basis. Clear quartz being a great amplifier, can also be used to enhance the energies of other crystals. Being an all-rounder stone it helps bring the body in balance, supporting the immune system and metabolism.

5. Ruby

In ancient times, the ruby was closely associated with wealth and royalty. If you feel you need a quick energy boast this stone may be of great use to you, strengthening the heart and regulating blood flow. However, this another stone that should be used with caution if you are hypersensitive to stimulation. Ruby is also a great crystal for nightmares and is an aphrodisiac.

6. Jade

Green jade is the most commonly used in jewelry and if you want to see if it’s authentic, real Jade cannot be marked. It’s great for bringing peaceful dreams and is commonly associated with prosperity. It’s physically good for detoxifying the body and is a good aid when treating bacterial infections.

7. Onyx

Brilliant black and smooth texture that reflects the light so perfectly like black silk. Onyx for me, is definitely one the coolest looking stone, I think because it remains me of the jaguar and it’s beautiful coat. It’s known to deflect negative thoughts in others and help with negative energy. It’s also good for self-mastery for thoughts, emotions and cell regeneration as well.

8. Topaz

This is a very luxurious stone and can provide abundant amounts of loving energy, improving all types of relationships and all round success. Use it after meals to aid digestion and fortify nerves.

9. Aquamarine

When you look into it, it’s like the sea collected into a small precious stone. In folklore, aquamarine is believed to be the treasure of mermaids, it is such a beautiful stone, no wonder why it’s treasured by many. Again, it’s a very calming and soothing stone, great for hearty communication and over coming past trauma. It is a wonderful aid for the respiratory system and the thyroid gland.

10. Diamond

They have long been associated with mainstream culture because of their visual appeal and symbolic references. The diamond’s healing properties are just as appealing and like the quartz, diamond is a good amplifier so thoughts should be carefully considered when holding the diamond as it retains thoughts and feelings. It is useful for improving brain function and sensory organs as well.