Wind unwind

The spasms out of tune and time

One step forward

Retrace your steps

In present tense,

Believing some

Parts to a point

Of impact.

Drop and stop

They call it in, love.

To cut through space with all you’ve got

I saved you a parking space out front.

Once we held hands and cut through ice

Here’s some truth, I gather lies.

I’m used to sprinting when it’s cold

I fear old age and aching joints

The point is sharp when time is still.

It aches to think of things undone.

I skipped through mimes, some chimes I lost.

Some times a ghost jogs past

The point I laugh. It’s late

And I’ve got a date

With a wind-up


And then impetus strikes

At once I’m twenty and on a walk

To a maze of some and much rejoice

It seems to me there will be choice.

I lied. I nearly died

The day

I drifted

Before I came around

albeit drowned, dripping, and slightly sorry I was found.