Colours from my mind is a collage series, where I share bits of my mind, all combined together are the big puzzle that is Laura Tangerina.


I started this series with an illustration of my best friend anxiety, she is terrible and makes my art dark. Sometimes I even can’t make art, maybe she doesn’t like art.

Colorful and Bold

When I don’t have anxiety, the yellow color comes to my mind, I can see the blue sky and it reflects how I do art! I like scribbling lines like a kid does, I feel free of using as many colours as I like.


Sometimes my self is in a beautiful calm state where just dinosaurs and kawaii friends come to my mind, it lasts one moment, a day, but no more, how I wish this state was with me more often, I wish I could live there and conquer the universe with my best friend that is a dinosaur!

Pastel queen!

My room has pastel color furniture, my dreams are pink, I love pink and baby blue, when I create art with this colours is when my child inside is more alive, I love to create childlike zines writing adventures inside!