The fact that I discovered Nissa is complete happenstance.

A month ago, I casually checked the description box after watching a YouTuber’s video. There, halfway down, the fashion guru had credited Nissa as the inspiration for her lookbook intro. After perusing through her channel – named Yuzunii – I was hooked.

The classic clean cut design Nissa intrinsically showcases is obviously infectious. Her fashion sense is fantastic, the editing – superb. It’s no surprise that the nineteen-year old Australian studies graphics as part of her university course, as shown by the first video on her channel, Wanderlost.

It became immediately evident to me that for the relaunch of Birdlessly Mag, Nissa is a perfect headliner as she completely embodies the theme of the June Issue.

Our interview in the editorial covers her YouTube inspiration, thoughts on potential careers, her personal style and whether young people are really pressured into deciding their future too young.

Interview and editorial design by Erin Louise

Photography used with permission by Nissa Ryan

Flaticons copyrighted by Freepik