The Studio Killers are a recent love and discovery of mine. I stumbled across their animated music video ‘Jenny’ a couple of months ago and I instantly fell in love with the art style, how unique the format was and the fact it was a LGBTQ+ love story.

I soon learnt the characters in the video were not just animations, characters designed for the story, but the actual musicians.


It’s a new brand of entertainment: virtual bands that defy the odds, forming a large following who they interact with and their creators are usually, always, a mystery.

I’ve always been in love with VR as it allows you to retreat into new worlds and experience people and situations and places that would be typically impossible. However you don’t need a console or headset just yet to experience this virtual production. On their YouTube channel, she has already begun to create lookbooks and OOTD vids that show off her fashion sense; she’s even vlogged!

For this Look High and Low, I further delve into Cherry’s individualistic and diverse style. You’ll find out how to style her cuttingly confident looks featured in their popular ‘Ode to the Bouncer’ and ‘Jenny’ videos.