Have you ever met a stranger and let them pretend like they weren’t one, right from the beginning? Have you ever strolled down the street, watching how your shadow changed its shape for every street light you walked past whilst tucking yourself into the space underneath the arm of a person you only just met, feeling a weird kind of warmth swimming all the way from your feet to your head and then down to your fingertips?

The smell of this person’s perfume is unknown to you and every time you expand your lungs to take a breath, you’re reminded of that. The rhythm of their breath is an unfamiliar beat, their voice a different melody and it all sounds so lovely to you. Sort of like when you’ve been going through your own playlists all night, frustrated with the way every single note reminds you of something old and somehow, hours later, you end up listening to a complete stranger’s playlist. And it’s full of songs you have never heard before, sung by artists you never knew existed and you don’t even want to waste your time wondering how or why you ended up there, because it’s a tiny blessing and you don’t want to ruin the magic. You just enjoy how smooth and refreshing it feels to let your senses take in something new.

And now your hand reaches up to touch theirs as it’s dangling over the edge of your shoulder, and you put your fingers in between theirs and lock them so you can relax and suddenly it hits you that everyone who walks past you will most likely think of you as an item, maybe, or as something that didn’t just appear out of nowhere like a sudden downpour on a sunny day. They will see a history floating in the air behind you and it’s such a funny thought to you, but only because there isn’t one. There are no habits between the two of you and there are no memories chasing you, and maybe this is something that all people dream of every once in a while; a blank canvas and not knowing how to finish each other’s sentences, let alone last names.

Have you ever met someone in the middle of a big city on a summer’s night and let them hold your hand because something about them felt warm? Have you ever let someone’s vibrations soak into you like a hot bath and felt oddly energized? And then suddenly realized that the things you both used to do to your past lovers are so similar you can easily pretend like you’re something you’re not? So you let them brush your hair away from your face with their careful and clumsy hands and it feels so upside down and you smile at their mouth. And you don’t really mean any of this, but you’ve both missed it. And you know that when you wake up tomorrow it won’t be by their side, and it won’t even matter by then. It will probably just feel like waking up from a good dream.