Art from Sløtface’s Nancy Drew music video.

The beautiful illustration and animation is by

Ida Neverdahl and Ola Olsen Lysgaard.

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We'll be launching new series for Winter 2018

Games content has been introduced on Birdlessly for the first time.

The site has been redesigned completely!

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Expectation vs Reality: The Last Three Years

a personal expose by Erin Louise

READ MY JOURNAL / Erin shares about the last three years of her life, and the psychological challenges she’s had to overcome – “I’ve been preparing Birdlessly to come back for about a year and a half now. It’s been a continuous struggle h owever, I have kept writing, in secret. Thank you for your patience.”

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'Love, and the lack of it', the growing pains of young relationships

'The Accessibility of the Games Industry', a short think piece

Editor's blog, 'Sharing about my anxiety & depression online'

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